A comprehensive range of supplementary nutraceuticals, essential oils, acids and gut health products for poultry and game birds

Each Poultry Pharm product has been carefully developed by vets and nutritionists and successfully tried and tested in the field. The range enables the customer to use a proactive and targeted approach to enhance productivity and minimise on farm challenge via strategic supplementation and management.

The Poultry Pharm manufacturers have been selected due to their innovation and technical knowhow, the quality of their raw materials and effectiveness of their end products. The poultry and game bird vets that have developed the range have gained experience as to which is the right product or combination of products to use in specific situations to improve animal health and productivity. We will not sell a product unless it has been recommended by vets and nutritionists, has not only been proven to work in a controlled scientific study, but also had field trials with proven efficiency and safety.