Game Birds: Getting the foundations right with targeted cleaning

Now that the season’s over, it’s time to look ahead to the next  – the groundwork for a successful 2024 season begins now. Getting off to a good start with properly cleaned and disinfected rearing equipment should be at the top of the agenda. Often equipment including rearing sheds and runs would have been left outside all winter and […]

Turnaround: The opportunity to clean the house effectively should not be missed

Having a robust turnaround schedule in place that uses the correct product, applied in the correct way, is the foundation to good performance. The opportunity to clean the house effectively at turnaround should not be missed and should be properly controlled. It should also be assessed with audits and TVC swabs. If a challenging microbial […]

Use of Essential Oils in Game Birds

Biostarter The scenario A rearing site looking for alternative chick starter supplementation due to the mortality rate and poor-quality chicks. The client’s preference was to avoid the use of antibiotics and therefore Biostarter was selected, as the alternative. What is Biostarter? Biostarter is a mixture of essential oils, acids, electrolytes, and sugars designed to promote […]

Understanding the Shell

The egg shell is an impressive structure, designed to provide protection to the growing chick: strong enough to be sat on by mother hen, yet pliable enough to provide calcium for bones, exchange gases and break through to hatch. Shell ‘defects’ are mostly thought of as a financial loss, with consumers wanting a uniform, aesthetically […]

Cleaner Water, Better Performance: The Importance of Good Water Hygiene

A typical chicken drinks over 4 litres of water in its life. This makes water the biggest input into a bird. The warm temperatures in a chicken shed means that bacteria can quickly build up in a drinker line, if a bird’s gut is bombarded with harmful bacteria from the drinking water, then this can […]

Minimising the Impact of Heat Stress

Heat stress in poultry

Heat stress in poultry can have huge impacts on bird health, welfare, and performance. All birds will have a given target environmental temperature depending on their age, breed and the relative humidity. Whilst birds are in their thermoneutral temperature range (i.e., their internal body temperature is maintained at a constant level and their body is […]

How do I get the best post-infection response after a disease

Most clinicians, game rearers, farmers and keepers would agree, that this is one of the questions we wrestle with when birds become sick. The intention is to have birds recover quickly and become more resilient. However, a significant challenge is how to deal with birds that do not fully recover, that results in protracted treatment […]

Managing the Broiler Gut Microbiome

We have always been passionate about bird health, however, with the ongoing work to reduce antibiotic use and the increasing efficiency of our broiler chickens, we are increasingly looking at ‘farm health and microbiome management’. Turnaround, disinfection and water quality are all essential areas of microbiome management. We focus here on how we can manage […]

Red Mite: Implications and Control Strategies

Dermanyssus gallinae, commonly known as red mite, are recognised as the most damaging parasite of laying hens worldwide. The UK, where the majority of flocks have a red mite infestation, is no exception. An infestation will have a cascade of negative effects on bird health and welfare, as well as the economic performance of the […]