How do I get the best post-infection response after a disease

Most clinicians, game rearers, farmers and keepers would agree, that this is one of the questions we wrestle with when birds become sick. The intention is to have birds recover quickly and become more resilient. However, a significant challenge is how to deal with birds that do not fully recover, that results in protracted treatment days, weak birds and unevenness. In our experience, these birds are consistently prone to every wave of virus throughout the rearing and shooting season, especially when they have had Hexamita.

Supplements can help optimise treatment objectives and place birds at an advantage when it comes to withstanding the shifting cases of disease. One product that comes high on our list, is Energy Plus that meets these two challenges:

  • Optimal recovery from disease and
  • A strengthened immune system post disease. 

Energy Plus contains sorbitol, a simple carbohydrate naturally found in berries, and plant extracts. Other components include L-Carnithine and Amino acids, such as Methionine and B-Vitamins.

A Reminder of Hexamita

Cell structures – or gate-keepers – support the intricate balance in the intestine of birds and selectively allow the absorption of required food products. They are located between the internal environment of blood vessels and systems and the ‘other side of the wall’ where there is food, uninvited parasites, mixing with normal residents of the intestine.

When Hexamita (Spironuclus meleagridis) parasite becomes present in the lower intestine, this leads to a disruption of this balance.. Hexamita disrupts this exchange of nutrients by over 50% leading to signs of diarrhoea, with a consequent weight loss and mortality.

Key components of Energy Plus

How does it work?

Two key components of Energy Plus are Methionine and L-Carnithine, and when provided early, they accelerate the body’s repair mechanisms after this significant disruption in the intestine. Methionine

is an essential amino, considered one of the most important amino acids because of its critical role in the removal of cell by-products and toxic radicals seen following the effects of Hexamita in the intestine. L-Carnithine plays a critical role in the maintenance of cell membrane integrity and the immune system.

A combination of these two critical nutritional components ensures that the bird’s body has the tools available to repair damaged cell membranes, has easily absorbable cell fuel in the form of sorbitol, removal of toxic waste products and stabilization of the immune system, as soon as the stress event or insult have been eradicated.

To be successful in the management of a disease such as Hexamita, steps need to be taken to address the offending parasite. However, true success comes with the addition of supplements that complement this treatment of the parasite. This is where Energy Plus shines… Energy Plus has the advantage of minimal downtime due to the disease. It provides minimal reoccurrence because of a strengthened immune response. Another benefit of Energy Plus is to give it to birds during stressful periods, such as during transfers and feed changes.