50 Week Plus


50 Week Plus is a supplementary liquid for poultry, containing a blend of calcium, minerals and vitamins designed to support egg and shell quality in laying birds over 50 weeks.



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Feed continuously via a suitable drinking system following discovery of shell problems, or when layers are 50 weeks or older to reduce the incidence of potential seconds.

50 Week Plus functional ingredients: 

  • Calcium and calcium chelate –  Calcium, which is readily available in soluble form, to support the requirement for strong shells.
  • Magnesium, zinc and manganese –  Essential components of egg shell, provided to help maintain the correct mineral ratios for shell formation and strength.
  • Vitamin D3 – To encourage shell health by preserving the correct balance of calcium and phosphorus absorption from the diet.


Specification per Lt of product:

Ingredient Unit Amount
Vitamin D3 Iu 2,000,000
Calcium Mg 19,000
Calcium Chelate Mg 15,000
Zinc Mg 4,000
Magnesium (as Chelate) Mg 2,500
Manganese Mg 2,500
Biotin Mg 30
Excipients To Volume

Product usage: 

Dilute 1000ml in 1000 litres (1ml in 1l) of clean drinking water. Use for 2 days per week during lay after 50 weeks of age to prevent shell quality issues. Use for 2-3 days per week during periods of poor egg shell quality. Do no use undiluted and do not keep treated water for longer than necessary.

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