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  • Heavy duty fast foaming cationic cleaner
  • Ideal 1st stage cleaner
  • Reduces wash water requirements
  • Removes stubborn soiling
  • Effective against biofilm
  • Long contact time



Date Sheet        Safety Data Sheet


Alkaliene® can be used in all animal and poultry houses, hatcheries, veterinary clinics and hospitals. Cattle and dairy farms, stables, transportation vehicles, green houses, all horticultural equipment and the food processing and brewing industries.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Quaternary ammonium compounds, Benzyl-C12-16-alkydlmethyl, chlorldes, alcohols, C12-14, Ethoxylated

Alkaliene® can be used at dilutions from 1:160 to 1:320 depending on the level of soiling and fats to be removed. Foam will be less the higher the dilution.

  • Animal housing setters and hatchers:

Remove all equipment, litter, dung, dust and dirt. Apply Alkaliene® through a foaming lance or knapsack sprayer at low pressure at a dilution of 1:160 leave for 15 mins and clean with water under high pressure. For heavy duty foam clean apply at 1-2% depending on soiling. Especially in hatchers and sensitive areas.

  • Poultry slats:

Soak in a solution of Alkaliene® at 1:160 before passing through slat washer or manual wash.

  • Hatcheries:

Spray or scrub with Alkaliene at a dilution of 1:160 or up to 1:320 dependant on the amount of surface debris present. Alkaliene should be liberally applied and scrubbed onto all surfaces and parts to remove adherent matter. Apply at between 1-2% at low pressure in hatcheries and setters.

  • Egg lorries and lightly soiled vehicles:

Spray Alkaliene at low pressure at a dilution of 1:320. Thoroughly wash with water.

Usage rate:

For heavy foaming, dilute 1-2% depending upon soiling and apply at a low pressure through a foaming lance. See the data sheet for further usage information.

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