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Aqua-clean® is a drinking system cleaner and disinfectant. Based on stabilised hydrogen peroxide. Registered according to the EU biocides directive.



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What to expect:

  • Cleans and disinfects the entire drinking water system.
  • Prevents deposits and build-up of organic material (biofilm) which are a breeding ground for bacteria and moulds.
  • Optimises efficacy of vaccinations, medication and additives.
  • Environmental friendly; degrades in water and oxygen.
  • Safe for equipment and animals.

When to use:

  • Removal of biofilm from drinker lines.
  • Routine clean out of drinker lines between production cycles.
  • With leaking drinking nipples.
  • Before and after vaccination and medication.
  • After the use of vitamins or other additives.

Mode of action

Aqua-clean® is based on hydrogen peroxide enriched with a special complex containing silver. This combination suits the heavy cleaning needs of farm drinking systems. When Aqua-clean® meets dirt in the system, it will be activated and bubbles of oxygen will brush dirt away. This effervescent reaction of oxygen with organic pollution needs to be a slow but very strong process, as otherwise contamination will remain in the system. Aqua-clean® is specially designed to clean out all persistent contamination and is the most powerful in its kind.

For game birds:

  • Removal of biofilm from drinker lines, whether it be 9ml pipe or blue alkathene pipe.
  • Routine clean out of drinker lines once a week, and at higher levels at the start of the season.
  • With leaking or blocked drinking nipples/bell drinkers.
  • Before and after medication.
  • After the use of vitamins or other additives such as Ultimate Acid.
  • Used in header tanks and release pen water systems.

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About Kanters

Kanters products focus on drinking water hygiene, liquid nutritional supplements, water management and water quality. In the early 1980s, Kanters started as a broiler farm with innovative ideas on reducing antibiotic use, water hygiene and promoting animal health via the drinking water. In the late 1980s, Kanters Special Products was established and now for more than 30 years, their products have been proving themselves in more than 70 countries.. Kanters complies with all legislation and regulations regarding product safety and product quality. Manufactured in the Netherlands, Kanters range has quality and innovation at the core. Kanters complies with all legislation and regulations regarding product safety and product quality. They strive for continuous development for new solutions for efficiency, and their products have been developed in practice and extensively tested by vets, nutritionists and farmers. Poultry Pharm is proud to partner with Kanters to supply quality and innovative solutions to the poultry sector.

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