Coccilin V Plus


Coccilin V Plus is an advanced formula of perfectly balanced flora essential oils and vitamins which helps to maintain the homeostasis of the digestive system. The composition of Coccilin V Plus (allicin and carvacrol in particular) has a beneficial effect on digestion processes, especially in cases of indigestion and feed consumption disorders. The B vitamins are useful where there is evidence of deficiency and increased losses. This product is intended for all types of poultry.



Data Sheet


Coccilin V Plus is recommended in the case of:

• Feed consumption disorders
• Indigestion
• Recovery period
• Gastro-protection

Composition (in 1L):

Feed materials:

Propylene glycol (13.11.1)
Glycerin (13.8.2)

Feed additives: Sensory additives: Flavouring substances:
Composition of flavouring substances – 445 000 mg
(formed with a concentration of 2 000 g of extract)

Nutritional additives: Vitamins:
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin phosphate, sodium salt) – 500 mg
Technological additives: Emulsifier:
Technological additives: Emulsifier:
Polyoxyethylene castor oil (E484) – 280 000 mg
Usage in poultry:
500ml/1000l, half daily water consumption, 3-7 days.

Usage in game birds:

Coccilin V Plus should be used around the time of coccidiosis challenge or any stress trigger points such as bitting, changeover of feed or movement of birds. Coccilin Plus should be used at a rate of 500ml/1000l for 5-10 days.


About BioPoint

BioPoint are proud to be a leading manufacturer of highly concentrated feed additives for poultry and pigs, offering specialist preparations, vitamins and minerals, as well as acidifying preparations. BioPoint’s market position has been gradually built through years of cooperating with veterinary surgeons and scientific research centres. They focus on ensuring appropriate use of preparations to obtain the desired therapeutic effect, and each year launch new products or adaptations to meet todays’ farming challenges. Their products are rooted in growing possibility of therapy with substances obtained from natural sources. There is increasing demand in the market for solutions replacing antibiotic treatments. These preparations, as delivered by BioPoint, when applied in the production of meat for human consumption, significantly reduce the use of chemical-based solutions and antibiotics. Poultry Pharm is proud to partner with BioPoint to supply quality and innovative products to the poultry sector.

BioPoint’s ALL IN Technology

The efficacy of BioPoint products is a result of knowledge of substances used, particularly a knowledge of herbs. Ingredients used are of nutritive or pharmaceutical grade, which gives superior efficacy and lower effective usage rate, when compared to popular feed grade quality products. In their preparations, they do not combine extracts of herbs with acidifying substances, as acids may inactivate otherwise active ingredients in the herbs. As a result, BioPoint products offer a high level of stability- no crystallisation or clogging of drinker lines.

Poultry Pharm provides comprehensive veterinary advice on the use of any products in the range, including the BioPoint products. Contact us today to discuss your farm’s requirements.


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