Dergall is a unique product which immobilises red mites by mechanical means rather than systemically.

It is non-toxic therefore safe for birds, eggs, humans and the environment. Presentation is in a 1 litre bottle of concentrated emulsion, mixed to a 0.6% solution before using; 1 litres makes 166 litres of spray on solution. This product has a knock-down effect along with continued action on surfaces for 2-3 days. We advise to spray it at the end of the day to maximise the efficacy of the product, so red mites come into contact with it as soon as they are active after lights are out. Dergall is activated when mixed with water creating a microscopic network on surfaces which traps and suffocates the red mites.




Dergall Information and Safety Data Sheet 1



  • New Approach to red mite management
  • Non-toxic and insecticide free, included on the Lion Code Insecticide/Acardicide list
  • Does not promote creation of resistant mite/insect populations by continuous exposure
  • No residue risk for birds, eggs, operatives or the environment
  • Improves general health conditions, by reducing stress caused by red mites
  • Helps to reduce the risk of bird to bird and bird to human transmitted diseases
  • Can be applied any time during production
  • Uses standard application equipment
  • No negative impact on hatchability
  • No change in behavior patterns of the birds
  • Frequency of Application depends on level of infestation
  • Available in 1 litre concentrate which reconstitutes 166 litres of ready to spray solution

The recommended treatment regime is to spray the equipment within the house before lights are out, then repeat in 5-7 days to destroy any newly hatched nymphs. We recommend you regularly assess the levels of chicken red mites on your site to assist with targeting treatments to give successful management. We have other red mite control options should you be interested, please email our technical manager on

Available in 1 litre bottles


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