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Halamid®  is a unique disinfectant that has excellent efficacy against a wide range of problematic bacteria and viruses in poultry. Defra Approved (Poultry and General Orders).

Versatile, easy to use and successfully applied via spraying, nebulisation or fogging. No effect on feed palatability when fogged when feed present. It is the world’s most well-known universal disinfectant, with an impressive track record.

Halamid® is a universal, readily biodegradable disinfectant which is widely used as a germicide in sanitary practices. Halamid® is already effective at very low dosage (0.01%) against bacteria (Gram + and Gram -), viruses (naked as well as enveloped) and fungi. It can be used in a wide range of temperatures. Since no microorganism is able to build resistance against Halamid® it can be applied for an indefinite period of time.



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Halamid® is safe to handle in either powder form or when dissolved in water. Halamid® is safe to nature as it is readily biodegradable. The shelf life of Halamid® is 2 years. Halamid® is a universal disinfectant with a wide activity spectrum yet mild to steel and other materials.

Many branches of industry make use of Halamid® like:

  • Aquaculture
  • Intensive farming
  • Health care and public areas
  • Food industry
  • Slaughterhouses and meat-packers
  • Breweries and soft drink industry
  • Dairy and margarine industry
  • Sugar and potato industry
  • Industrial and institutional cleaning
  • Veterinary industry

Halamid® can be used yet is not limited to applications like:

  • Washing powder disinfectant
  • (Drinking) water disinfection
  • Deodorisation of gas and wastewater
  • Equipment disinfection


Mode of Action

Halamid® works via an oxidizing mechanism. If dissolved in water Halamid® ionises. In this way chlorine is slowly released which will destruct cell walls of microbes. There is no chance of creating resistance or adaptation. The high stability of the ion gives Halamid® a kind of “reservoir capacity”, so its activity is not spent at once but remains present over a longer period.

General disinfection rules

Always remember that cleaning is a required preliminary step before disinfection to ensure the best results. Without proper cleaning, dirt and organic matter protect microorganisms against the killing effect of the disinfectant, resulting in an incomplete operation.

Start by dry cleaning to remove most of the organic matter, followed by cleaning with water or a detergent

solution. Once it is done, disinfect with Halamid®. Halamid® is always applied as an aqueous solution: simply dissolve the Halamid® in clean water at the required concentration.

Surfaces and building disinfection:

Between production cycles, when the buildings are empty, clean thoroughly and then disinfect with a Halamid® solution, applied by spraying, nebulization or fogging.

For spraying, use 0.3 L/m2 of a Halamid® solution at a concentration of 0.5-1%. Multiply the floor space by

2.5 to obtain the total surface area (including walls and ceiling) of the building.

Nebulisation and fogging

When the animal house is equipped with a water nebulization system, building disinfection with Halamid® solution fogged through this equipment proved not only to be very effective but also easy to apply and cost efficient. Fog a Halamid® solution at a concentration of 2-3% with a recommended volume of 40-50 mL/m3. Despite a higher concentration needed this system remains economically attractive because of the low total quantity of Halamid® required to achieve an effective disinfection.

Truck disinfection

Trucks contribute significantly to transmission of diseases from farm to farm. Make sure all vehicles are well disinfected (including the wheels) with a 1% Halamid® solution prior entrance to the farm.

Halamid® is particularly interesting for this application as solutions are non-corrosive to materials and the product is active even at low temperatures.


A footbath should be placed at the entrance of each building, and everybody must use it. A 2% Halamid® solution is prepared and refreshed as often as needed (generally twice a week, but it depends on the soiling of the solution).

Water system disinfection

Safe drinking water is a very important parameter for the animal well-being and should not be overlooked. When the building is empty, run a 0.5% Halamid® solution through the water system for 30 min and then rinse with clean water. Halamid® can also be used to disinfect drinking water. Refer to the relevant information on this specific application.


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