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Tried and trusted general disinfectant. Effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and mycobacteria. It delays the build-up of biofilm after disinfection.

Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting all types of animal housing, cages and surfaces within buildings e.g. walls, floors, equipment, appliances, transport boxes, vehicles, cages, kennels, quarantine areas, boots, tread mats and used in foot dips.



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Intercid is based on glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde giving it excellent activity against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The motto “less is more” was used in the development of Intercid, having 10% glutaral content of the concentrated INTERCID and capable of killing all virsuses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts using only a 1% ready-to-use solution. Some products from other manufacturers having similar glutaral content, need a 3% ready-to-use concentration to only control the easy-to-kill enveloped viruses (DVG data).

The superb efficacy of Intercid,  was noted in the paper published by Avian Pathology “Evaluation of commonly-used farm disinfectants in wet and dry models of Salmonella farm contamination” where the authors wrote “In the dry model, only formaldehyde-containing preparations were fully effective at all concentrations in layer faeces.” and “The generally high effectiveness of the aldehyde-based and some chlorocresol-based disinfectants (INTERKOKASK) in the dry model is reflected in the author’s experiences of C&D in poultry houses, with formaldehyde appearing to have the most reliable effects on Salmonella in the field”.

It is extremely effective against viruses and was tested by the South African Onderspoort. It was shown to be effective against TRT and Gumboro virus at dilutions of 0.1% and 0.5% at 20ºC.

Intercid and other glutaraldehydes activity slows at lower temperatures and this is the reason that efficacy tests perfomed at 4ºC by DEFRA show higher concentrations for INTERCID.

This product can be used all through the winter period if anti freezing additives are used such as ethanol, isoprpanol and propylene glycol. As a rough guide, 3% anti freezing product should be added to the final ready-to-use solution for every degree C under zero.


Application rates: Dilution
Poultry housing and equipment
Routine disinfection (incl. avian influenza)* 0.25 %
Specific Salmonella disinfection 0.50 %
Specific Marek’s disease agent disinfection 0.50 %
Livestock housing and equipment (e.g. cattle / pigs/sheep)
Routine disinfection 1.00 %
Foot and Mouth disease agent disinfection 0.50 %
General Orders Disinfection 2.50%
Tuberculosis disease agent disinfection 5.00%
Horse / companion animal housing and equipment
Disinfection of organisms causing diseases such as: equine Influenza, Inf. Arteritis, strangles, Polyarthritis of foal, Salmonellosis; Feline / Canine Distemper, Parvovirus Disease, Feline Rhinotracheitis, Leucosis, FIP and Rabies. 1.00 %
Wheel dips
Footbaths / tread mats (Renew weekly, or more often if contaminated with organic matter) 1.00 %

Instructions for use:

Dilute Intercid as required. Disinfect area using high pressure spraying equipment (ideally.1000 p.s.i./70 bar) using a wide angle jet nozzle. Apply 200 – 400 ml/m2 depending upon the porosity of the surface to be treated. Alternatively use a knapsack sprayer, mop and bucket, or wipe surfaces with a cloth moistened in the diluted product. Treatment of corridors and service areas: Disinfect outer surfaces of stables, corridors and cages etc. 3 times / week.

When using/working with concentrated disinfectants do not eat, drink or smoke. Avoid contact with eyes skin and clothing. Wear the recommended protective clothing and equipment – see below:

Breathing Protection: Full face mask, filter A2 B2-P2
Hand Protection: Protective rubber gloves e.g. Nitril
Eye Protection: Full mask
Body Protection: Chemical-protective clothing


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde.

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