Multivit Plus


Multivit Plus is a complementary liquid supplement for poultry containing vitamins and natural antioxidants to help support performance and health in broilers, layers, turkeys and game birds. Key vitamins included are vitamins A, D3, E and Group B vitamins  and are used as a booster for growth and to protect against stress and challenges. B Complex vitamins in particular support metabolic activity associated with energy production, particularly following stress. Intensive production can generate metabolic and physiological stress, increasing the production of damaging cell reactive free radicals. Poultry Pharm Multivit Plus helps ensure valuable nutrients are utilised for growth, free radical effects are minimised and birds are supported during challenging periods.



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Multivit Plus functional ingredients:

  • Comprehensive vitamin specification – Providing vital vitamins to help minimise the risk of sub clinical deficiencies potentially caused by stress. This stress can be brought on from environmental, production or management factors. Providing broad spectrum vitamins is required for normal physiological needs. For example, the inclusion of vitamin D3 is good for bone and growth and vitamin C helps form and maintain bones, skin, eyes, liver and nervous system.
  • B complex vitamins –  Support metabolic activity associated with energy production, particularly valuable following stress. An example of this is Vitamin H (Biotin) which helps convert nutrients to energy and is good for eyes, skin, liver and the nervous system.
  • High in vitamin E, vitamin C and grape extract –  These antioxidant vitamins and grape extract provide natural immune support by minimising the damage caused by free radicals. Grape extract also assists in the utilisation of nutrients. This product also includes rosemary extract that also is an natural antioxidant.


Specification per Lt of product:

Ingredient Unit Amount
Vitamin A Iu 6,000,000
Vitamin D3 Iu 1,300,000
Vitamin E Mg 50,000
Vitamin C Mg 50,000
Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) Mg 40,000
Grape PP Mg 15,000
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) Mg 8,500
Vitamin B6 Mg 7,500
Vitamin B2 Mg 6,000
Vitamin B1 Mg 4,000
Vitamin K Mg 2,000
Folic Acid Mg 2,000
Biotin (Vitamin B7) Mcg 190,000
Vitamin B12 Mcg 22,000
Excipients To Volume

Multivit Plus usage: 

Dilute 400ml per 1000 litres (0.4ml in 1 litre) of clean drinking water. For chicks, use at chick start, use for the first 2-3 days of life. For other birds, use for 3-5 days during times of stress, recovery from disease, after vaccination or after the use of other medication. You may wish to discuss with your veterinary surgeon. During maximum productivity, use for 2 days on, 2 days off, or 2 days per week.

  • 1 litre makes 2,666 litres
  • 5 litres makes 13,333 litres

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