Usage rate:

500ml/1000L of clean drinking water. 24h/day during 3-5 consecutive days.

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Necox is a liquid product designed to support the birds against coccidiosis and secondary intestinal bacterial infections. Necox is a combination of phytogenics, electrolytes, dextrose and vitamins for application in drinking water. Preventative use of Necox during critical periods in the bird’s life optimises production performance and reduces mortality.

  • Supports bird’s resilience against coccidiosis
  • Stimulates the production of anti-oxidant enzymes
  • Has a positive affect on body weight and feed efficiency

About OlusPlus

OlusPlus is a global supplier of antimicrobial and health supporting feed additive products for resolving animal performance challenges reducing the need of antibiotics. OlusPlus develops natural plant-based solutions aimed at stimulating a well-balanced and diverse microbiota in the gut, increasing intestinal health and improving feed efficiency. Their feed additives consist of mixtures of plant and herbal extracts and essential oils combined with organic acids or glycerides from organic acids, to add value to integrators, feed mills and farmers. All semi-finished products have a beneficial and broad positive effect during the whole digestive tract. The interaction between the different microbiota and the intestinal wall promotes a higher health status of the animals.

OlusPlus is committed to providing first-class feed additives. By controlling every step of their production process, they are able to produce high quality product, product safety and traceability of raw materials:

  • Their laboratory, fitted with state of the art equipment, meets the highest standards
  • As an essential part of quality assurance, they test all incoming raw materials and outgoing final products
  • Traceability of the origin of their feed materials means OlusPlus can guarantee high quality products

As a 100% family business, they have 115 years expertise in animal feeds. OlusPlus continuously strive to improve their in-house quality standards. To ensure quality and food safety, OlusPlus is GMP+ approved. They are constantly improving their research and developing the product range, testing their products at international universities and independent research facilities. Poultry Pharm is proud to partner with OlusPlus to supply quality and innovative solutions to the poultry sector.

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