Solulyte Plus


Solulyte Plus is a complementary concentrated liquid feeding stuff, suitable for game birds, laying hens and broilers. Contains a blend of electrolytes (minerals/body salts) and flavours for strategic use, to optimise water consumption and supply essential body salts. Electolytes are vital for physiological processes within the body, Solulyte Plus gives a comprehensive range of electrolytes to be given during heat stress, before or after transportation or at times of disease challenge and during post disease recovery. Solulyte Plus contains sodium, chloride, potassium magnesium sulphate and citric acid.



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Solulyte Plus functional ingredients: 

  • Electrolytes. Important mineral salts which help maintain the dietary balance during or following periods of excessive water loss. The presence of salts actively encourages water consumption and rehydration. Electrolytes (mineral salts) dissolve into the bird’s bodily fluids, creating electrically charged ions. These small charges are used for many automatic processes within the body
  • Unique flavours and sweeteners. Acting as an attractant while also improving palatability and supporting the desire to drink

Product usage: 

Dilute 1000ml in 500 litres (1ml in 0.5l) of clean drinking water. Do not use undiluted and do not keep treated water for longer than necessary.

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