Stalosan F


Stalosan F can be defined as a unique powder biocide/disinfectant that provides sustained suppression of pathogens in poultry productions.

Stalosan F has proven efficacy against Bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus; Viruses such as Avian influenza virus, Newcastle Disease virus; Coccidia oocysts; Worm eggs; Fly Larvae; Fungi.



Safety Data Sheet


  • Stalosan F includes active ingredients that kill pathogens and improves sanitation standards.
  • Reduces ammonia and improving atmospheric conditions for birds and handlers.
  • The product is non-corrosive to the equipment and it is safe to be apply when animals are present.
  • Simple to use, providing a reliable disease barrier as part of the overall farm bio-security plan. Because of the low dosage rate it is also cost effective.

Acidic litter amendments are often used in poultry production to reduce litter pH, to control ammonia and as an intervention method in houses with a recurring disease issue. Stalosan F possesses similar effects by lowering the pH of the litter and inhibiting bacterial growth, which produces ammonia as a by-product of their metabolism and possess an excellent moisture absorbing capacity as well.

General Benefits for Poultry

  • Stalosan F as a hygiene and disinfection agent can be a key element of every biosecurity protocol
  • Reduces ammonia production and bacterial challenge – improved immune function response
  • Footpad quality improvement – less skin burning
  • Increases litter amendment activity
  • Increases fuel efficiency during preheating and brooding
  • Maintains healthy levels of floor moisture
  • Reduces health risk
  • Compliance with nutrient management guidelines
  • Reduces environmental impact


Recommended Application Rates 

Add 50g/m2. If the area is badly affected, Stalosan F can be applied at a higher and/or more frequent level.


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