• Biacton + is a highly concentrated probiotic with Lactobacillus farciminis as the active bacteria strain
  • The Lactobacillus farciminis strain produces very high amount of lactic acid, up to 27 gram per litre intestinal contents. (5 – 6 times higher than normal lactic acid bacteria produce).
  • Biacton +grows within a broad temperature field, 15°C-43°C
  • Biacton grows between pH 3.7 and pH 7
  • Biacton is stable during feed production (2 minutes at 95°C, 20 minutes at 80°C).
  • Safe for animals and humans
  • Water or liquid feed with Biacton+ is licensed for use in broilers, laying hens and turkeys.



Data Sheet


Why use Biacton+?

Biacton+ is part of our probiotic range. As our understanding of the bird’s microbiome develops, we have been working alongside our manufacturers to develop specific bacterial strains and prebiotic additives to enhance and change the gut bacterial population to a more favourable acidogenic state. These can complement the other premixes or be used on their own. Biacton+, produced by ChemVet, is a probiotic additive, where the active part is a special and precisely selected strain of lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus farciminis. The strain is very powerful in the gut, resulting in the composition of the microbiota in an acidogenic direction, and a significant change in the chemical environment of the intestines. Biacton bacteria are best given in the first 10 -14 days of life when the gut flora is developing but it also has a role when there has been stresses, changes in rations and a disrupted intestinal microbiome. Biacton+ is soluble in water, though there is an in feed option.

  •  Direct inhibition of potential pathogen including Clostridium sp., Campylobacter jejuni, E. coli, etc.
  •  High production of lactic acid into the intestinal content.
  •  Stimulation of acid production bacterial already present in the intestinal content.
  •  Stimulation of the local immune defence in the gastrointestinal tract.

It has been developed to be completely and easily soluble in water.

Before dissolving in the water/liquid feed, a stock solution must be prepared as this will ensure good final mixing and even dispersal. The stock solution can be added directly into the header tank or via an automatic dosage unit. Ensure Biacton+ is available at the drinking points. A fresh stock solution must be prepared every day. Biacton+ can be used constantly in poultry units resulting in better growth rates, feed utilisation and gut bacteriology. During periods of digestive or intestinal disorders, Biacton+ will support good gut function. In these situations, it is recommended to double the routine usage. Maintain this usage level to avoid relapse and until normal functions are restored. Water or liquid feed with Biacton+ is licensed for use in broilers, laying hens and turkeys.

Product Usage:

34g per 1000 litres

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